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Past News: High End Stats | 2011 Market Update


2015 Recent Sales

Leyla Steele and Zach Zeldner are once again leading the Boulder real estate market in $1 Million + sales for single family homes in Boulder in 2015. We sell more single family homes over $1m in the City of Boulder than any other brokers, and we are proud to report our recent sales during the first quarter of 2015. These listings above are all properties which we have personally sold in 2015.

If you are considering selling your home, we encourage you to contact us. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we work and what sets us apart.

our boulder, CO latest sales in 2015


2013 Boulder Real Estate Market Update

With inventory low and demand high, choosing a listing agent who understands the unique value of your property, who has their finger on the pulse of the market, and who can eectively market your property to get you top dollar is now more important than ever.

NEWLANDS: Through Spring and Summer of 2013, Leyla Steele and Zach Zeldner represented the Buyer in the purchase of six Newlands properties. In addition, Leyla and Zach listed and sold 3131 10th, after successfully negotiating multiple offers and ultimately closing for well over the asking price. No other agents are as active, as engaged, or as successful in the Newlands market. If you or anyone you know is considering selling their Newlands home, we welcome your call.

WHITTIER: In just over a year, we have sold 14 Single Family homes in Whittier. No other agents have sold more in this beautiful neighborhood. We succeed in Whittier because we understand the unique value of the neighborhood and constantly exploring all real estate activity and potential new listings.

OLD NORTH BOULDER: We have sold multiple homes this convenient neighborhood, and many WERE NOT ON THE MARKET. Buyers and Sellers alike can attest to their smooth and successful experiences working with us. With some of the best values in Boulder, homes here move very fast when priced right. When buying or selling, it is crucial to have a strong understanding of home values.

As fellow residents of Old North Boulder and Whittier, Leyla and Zach are in a unique position to advocate their virtues and values. There is still great demand for properties in these great neighborhoods near downtown Boulder. If you are thinking of buying or selling, please let us know right away. If you wish for us to keep you abreast of values in your neighborhood via e-mail, we are happy to provide you with ongoing market information.


Looking back at 2012

As predicted in our New Year’s blog, 2011 was an outstanding year for Boulder real estate. I personally closed over $20m in sales, including the two most expensive homes in North Boulder. 4th Q stats are not yet compiled but if interested, please see 3rd Q 2011 High End Stats for a look at who is selling $1m+ properties in the City of Boulder. Some Buyers and Sellers might be surprised to see Pedal to Properties topping the list of number of sales in this category, with my personal sales representing the majority of $1m+ sales overall.

Beginning in 2011, conditions were ripe for a stellar year with lots of inventory and low interest rates. There were plenty of great values to be found AND plenty of competition for properties that were either exceptional or undervalued. My clients and I benefitted from both:  Sellers received top dollar with quick sales on their exceptional properties while Buyers got great deals on properties that were under-valued.

As we begin 2012, our inventory is so depleted as a result of robust 2011 sales, that we are back to 2000 levels. With demand still high and Buyers circling, I predict upward pressure at all price levels. There are still tremendous values in the $2m+ category. In fact, luxury builders report that they are not able to build a home for the price that some $2m+ homes are selling for. But I think that is about to shift as the inventory of luxury homes has been drastically depleted and I foresee increased competition for the ones that remain or will be coming on the market.

For those Buyers who are expecting the amazing values we saw 2009 – 2011, they may discover that they missed some golden opportunities.  We will still see some ridiculously good buys, as evidenced by the “flips” we started seeing in 4th Q 2011, whereby savvy Buyers picked up properties at bargain prices and then sold them, some the very same day, at a profit. The other trend we will continue to see is properties contracting before they hit the market and/or selling as “pocket” listings i.e., not in the MLS and “in the pockets” of a select few agents. And, of course, more competitive bidding with multiple offers on one property  - of which I participated in six in 2011 (and my clients prevailed in all).

Which makes it all the more imperative that Buyers and Sellers work with a professional real estate agent who knows the market, networks with agents, sellers, and buyers, and has their finger on the pulse of the Boulder market.  An agent who will counsel a Seller to price their property in anticipation of where the local market is going, not where it has been and not in reaction to national trends. And to inform and educate a Buyer to act quickly and with confidence in moving on properties when they come on the market (or before they do) because they might not last.

Exciting news for me is that I have teamed up with Zach Zeldner, a colleague at Pedal to Properties. Zach and I got to know each other when his Buyer made an offer on one of my listings in a competitive bidding situation. I was truly impressed with Zach’s expertise and advocacy for his client. He is an extremely knowledgeable and resourceful agent, and I think we make an incredible team. We both have an intimate knowledge of the market and work tirelessly on our client’s behalf. So when you work with one of us, you get both of us, benefitting from the expertise, resources and market wisdom that we collectively bring to the table.

Please review the data sheet of high end home sales that supports why it is a fantastic time to sell, when you have the right agents advocating for you. Zach Zeldner and I are currently working together to list properties that we feel will sell in this market. We know how to market high-end real estate; we know who is buying; we know what those Buyers are looking for; we share a common philosophy and we work enthusiastically on our client’s behalf. We believe that in this market it takes a discerning finger on the pulse of supply/demand, targeted marketing, in-depth networking, and successful negotiating to get a home sold quickly and for top dollar. And the proof of our success is in the numbers and the testimonials from our extremely satisfied clients. Here are just a couple:

"My wife and I interviewed several agents to represent the sale of our house. Leyla presented the most complete and well thought out plan. She clearly identified and could succinctly articulate the unique and special features of our house. As a result, in a tough market for homes priced in excess of $1MM, when houses have been on the market for over a year, we received an offer in 2 weeks and received 97% of our asking price.  An amazing feat by an amazing agent."

-- Marty

"My husband and I have worked with over a dozen realtors in our lifetime, many of whom we have loved. However, we can honestly say that Leyla and Zach bring a level of service, professionalism, knowledge and calm that is simply unmatched. Rather than taking the easy path, they clearly put us and our needs first, and were exceptional advocates during the negotiation process. We never felt pressure to make uncomfortable decisions--instead, Leyla and Zach were always clear that they would support us, and that we needed to feel good about our new home, even if that meant walking away from our purchase. They have a deep understanding of the Boulder market and provided full-service support that included help with financing and renovation planning and estimates. Simply put, they are the most on-top-of-it team we have worked with. We recommend them unconditionally." 

-- Ineke

So if you or anyone you know is considering selling their home, please be in touch by calling Zach at 720-480-7650 or Leyla at 303-859-3110. We welcome the opportunity to sit down to discuss what sets us apart, and to explain why January or February, NOT May, is the best time to list your property for sale. We are grateful for your business and your referrals and look forward to a prosperous New Year together.

Leyla Steele

Past News: High End Stats | 2011 Market Update